Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday night we went into Portland for the fireworks show to kick off the Rose Festival. It is quite the expeirence being among thousands of people. It was nice to be together as a family. It seems we don't get the chance to be together very often. There are diffinetly interesting people. It's fun to watch the craziness.

I didn't get a picture of Alex and Logan. They started out under their blankets because they were cold and fell asleep. Alex woke up right before the fireworks started and Logan woke up when they were almost over.
This was a cool bike. They are both connected so the little girl was letting her dad pedal.
We always get a little bit culturized when we go. So many funny things/people to look at

On Monday we went on a hike up Saddle Mountain just outside of Seaside. Darren went on it with the scouts awhile ago and said it was "not too hard". Well, I don't think he has a very good memory because, it ended up being almost 6 miles and went up in elevation about 1300 feet. There was a part of it that we almost had to crawl. It was DANG hard, but when we got to the top it was so worth it. We could see Mount Adams, Mount St. Helen's, Mount Rainier and Mount Hood. We could also see where the Columbia river entered the Pacific Ocean. So cool! This was when were could see the top.The last part of the hike was the hardest.

This is a sign outside of Seaside. Didn't know my dad was in the car business did ya :) Well, now it's back to reality. We are sure looking forward to summer!!

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