Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Some of us (Alex) went a little crazy not playing with friends for 2 days. The school requested that kids not play with friends until those being tested were cleared.

When we got home on Sunday night we found out that school was cancelled for Monday and Tuesday because some of the kids were getting tested for swine flu. So we had a day to stay in jammies and play games.

We went to Spokane over the weekend so I could walk in the Bloomsday race. It's been a tradition in our family since we moved to Oregon. My dad used to meet us there and he would run while I walked. It's fun to get away just for the fun of it.This year there was about 44,000 people that ran or walked in it. I did pretty good, or at least I thought I did but then I went online to see my results and an old lady from Forest Grove that is 79 years old beat me by 3 min!! (I thought I did pretty good walking 15 min. miles.)


  1. Great job Wendy!!! Walking 15 minute miles is awesome! How far is the race? Awesome tradition!

  2. That picture of Alex is CLASSIC! That is a lot of games. I like the days where I get to relax and stay in my pj's.